Saturday, February 7, 2009

Parents and Their Children’s Coach and Others

Show an interest in your child’s coach by having regular meetings and discussions regarding your child’ progress.
• Ensure that the coach you choose has up-to-date qualifications and signed up to the Coaches Code of Conduct.
• Be sure you understand the coach’s philosophy and his/ her teaching methodology. Once you are happy with this you should show respect for his /her expertise.
• Be sure that the coach understands what your child’s goals are in tennis.
• Prior to hiring a new coach for your child, ensure that any previous coach – student relationship has been ended in a professional and ethical manner.
• Understand that your child’s coach is a qualified professional who can help your child in many areas, both tennis and others, and also help you to understand and to know more about tennis. Assist the coach by helping them through your experiences to gain insights into and a better understanding of your child’s personality and feelings. AVOID considering the coach as merely an employee or “ball feeder” who has only professional goals.
• Develop good relationships with other parents.
• Try to keep a balance between tennis and the interests of the other members of the family. Don’t overlook other children in the family.

T.I. fact sheet 33

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