Saturday, February 7, 2009

Modern Tennis International Academy

They say :

So What is Modern Tennis?Modern Tennis is an amazingly simple fast track method of learning tennis. In fact players of all standards have found that their games improve almost immediately! Beginner players can hit 20-50 shot rallies within 2 hours Intermediate players find their best game more often through improved timing and feel !Advanced players simplify their game, understanding how to focus on tracking and waiting for the ball The Modern Tennis methodology ...Is all about timing and feel, utilising spin on all shots from day one It uncomplicates the learning process by concentrating on just hand eye coordination It will set your natural game free !Modern Tennis International is the ONLY official provider of Oscar Wegner’s system of coaching in the UK and the ONLY place where you will get the chance to be personally tutored by Oscar himself!

I say :

If anyone from the UK or Europe for that matter knows and understands Oscar Wegners methods and teaching is John Littleford.John is veteran of "fight" to bring Modern Tennis in the UK. That is a well known fact published everywhere. So John and other Oscar "apostales" started an Academy called Modern Tennis International. From a shoe string budget they are doing a good job. They now have coaches in many areas. Obviously they are selling Oscars' DVDs and running their coaching courses. John was successful in his negotiation with the LTA so now when you finish one of their courses LTA will give you some points towards an LTA coaching Diploma. Like every new Academy they are trying to do everything (shop, DVDs, Interviews, etc) but they should really concentrate on Educating young coaches and raising young players, through their hands a few future British Tennis stars have passed already. If you love Oscars methods and want to be surrounded by real enthusiasts John Littleford and his team is the best place to be.

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