Sunday, November 2, 2008

How to use Junior Tennis News

For Parents

On the right side you will find various links of things that I personally think are good and working. I don't put any links before I use all my know how and connections in the tennis world to check them out. You are welcome to suggest the coach or academy which is involved in the upbringing of your child and I will make sure that they have got free promotion. You can also write about your personal experiences (obviously about tennis and young people) and it will be published. Send info about your child and I will make sure that he or she has exposure in the right direction and possibly attract sponsors.

For Coaches

You are welcome to send your details and I will promote you (obviously if you are good). You are free to send some advice that young players and their parents may be able to use.
Guru's no need to apply. I already know everything about every guru and his unique system and how they brought up number 1 players on their own (3 guru's are claiming that their system alone brought up the sister Williams' at the same time to their top level).

For Academies

Academies don't need to apply because I have enough information about you. Thank you.

For Tournament Organisers

Please send links and announcements of your up and coming tournaments regardless of how small and local they are. They are an important part of a young tennis players life.


Please send links and info about your club. You are very important for getting children involved in tennis.


Your money is very welcome, contact me and I will give you free advice and suggestions from my huge database of young, up and coming players who will give your business the biggest exposure if you sponsor him or her. Measurements are done on market territory that you want to attract, produce or service that you provide etc.

If anybody feels left out please don't hesitate in contacting me!!!

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