Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bruguera Tennis Academy

He says :

Bruguera Tennis Academy Top Team located in Barcelona, Spain, is a school specialized in young tennis players. The main objective is to provide a complete training and education to its students including cultural aspects. Top Team is a key institution in the tennis community as a training school for players, coaches and clubs. We offer advise to other schools, tennis clubs, tennis federations, and we also organize workshops and company events.
Players from more than 30 countries train in our school where individual development and cross-cultural experience are fundamental aspects of their work. The Academy has an academic school and student dormitories in the same campus. Bruguera Tennis Academy Top Team have Psychology program for the personal and sport development of the player,assistance to tournaments under the supervision of the coach, with a complete technical Staff with and the necessary services for the development of the players.

His Credo:

The disipline, the value of personal effort, the coexistencee, cultural formation and spirit to struggle are aspects which form not only part of tennis player, but which form the charater of a person to confront with success any challenge in his or her life.

I Say:

Two Bruguera's and their team definetly know what they are doing. Their Academy has the feel of a great family atmosphere. Their academic programme is second to none. They respect science in sport so you should feel very safe that your child is medically monitored properly. If you wish to master the game on clay this academy is the only place to be.

They should really however do something about their website. It's very complicated and looks more like a forum then an academy's website.

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